7 Small Things That Create Major Success

I am constantly searching for ways to improve my performance both as an individual and as an entrepreneur, because obviously, they are interconnected.   So the other day, I was watching some videos of my mentor and taking some notes, and I was able to come up with these steps from his video.    Each […]

How to Become More Productive

How to become more productive

The best way to improve your productivity is by identifying opportunities that are going to give you the largest positive results with the smallest amount of time, energy, and effort. You are literally looking for 1,000X opportunities. These are the small actions that produce profoundly large reactions So… What’s the Secret? You don’t want something […]

What is Dropshipping? How does Dropshipping work?

What is dropshipping?

After close to 20 years as an entrepreneur, a common question I get is “What is dropshipping?” The answer is simple… Let’s cover the ins-and-outs of this business model! What Is Dropshipping? A lot of people are curious about starting online businesses. After everything we’ve encountered this year, I understand. But for most, they aren’t […]