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How to Become More Productive

How to become more productive

The best way to improve your productivity is by identifying opportunities that are going to give you the largest positive results with the smallest amount of time, energy, and effort. You are literally looking for 1,000X opportunities. These are the small actions that produce profoundly large reactions

So... What's the Secret?

You don’t want something that is going to produce an equal amount of results for an equal amount of work. You’re looking for things where the output is much larger than the input.


So many people are looking for the shortcuts to success. They want the latest chatbots, the latest landing pages, the latest marketing tips… NONE of that stuff matters if other parts of your life or your business are not in order.

Areas That Contribute to Productivity

Avoid Excess Alcohol

This one is still probably one of the most overlooked areas. People underestimate the power of alcohol when it comes to decreasing productivity. There’s no need to get scientific, but just know – excess alcohol is a NO NO.

Eating Properly

This differs for most, but in general, it includes lots of vegetables, eating at regular times, and avoiding sugar, dairy, wheat, and processed foods (yeah I know… that’s easier said than done). No matter how active you are, you can’t out-work a poor diet.

Exercise Regularly

Speaking of exercise, this helps you to regulate your emotions. Most people fail to produce because they allow their feelings (emotions) to cloud their judgement. Exercising will give you more energy, mental sharpness, stability.

Get An Appropriate Sleep

I know at times it can be difficult, but 8-hours of quality sleep will make you so much smarter and creative. My minimum to operate at a high level is 6 hours, but 8 is optimal for me to operate at a high level.


Do this about 20 minutes a day, every day. It will make you more focused, more self-aware, more in control, better decisions, increased intelligence, increased cognitive ability… I can go on and on. Everything that you need to be unstoppable both in your personal life and your business can be achieved through meditation. 

Eliminate the Idiot Box

Not watching TV (especially the news, or caring about politics) helps you to gain more time, feel better, stop arguing with stupid people, and flat out wasting time. If more people eliminated, or at least cut back on, the television, they would realize that there is more time in the day than they thought (even though we all have the same 24 hours).

Let Go of Social Conventions

Who said that you had to reply to peoples emails, answer your phone every time it rings, check social media in the mornings, watch sports, know current events, keep up with everybody’s life — you know — all of the stuff that helps you waste time. Schedule your day for success. Block out portions of time to do those things. Plan your day so that you can focus on what matters  – productivity.

Reading Consistently

If you want to hide something from the average person, put it in a book. READ MORE! Books make you smarter. Find me a poor person who’s miserable and I’ll show you somebody who hasn’t read many books. 

Eliminating the Value of Other People’s Opinions

Put bluntly – just not caring what people think! There you go; I said it. Most of your fears are now eliminated and your brain capacity is now freed up and available for some real productivity!

Develop Discipline

A very good friend of mine told me something that I will never forget. He said that discipline is freedom! That stuck with me since the first time that I’ve heard it


Are you going to eat a burger or a salad? Are you going to drink a soda or water? Are you going to stay home and finish that course, or go to that club? Bed on time or Netflix marathon till 5am?


Until you learn to control your impulses – to control yourself – you will never experience true power. Your results will continue to suffer.

If you are an entrepreneur, or aspiring entrepreneur who wants to explode your results in less time? If so, I can help you.


Set up a time to speak with me or one of my associates here. We will map out a plan of action for you to help you get to 6-figures and beyond in the next 12 months or less.

Dr. Carlton Calhoun

Dr. Carlton Calhoun

In addition to being a trader & investor in the financial markets, I am the founder of HireCarltonCalhoun.com - one of the leading African American Web Design companies in the world. Apart from running my businesses, I enjoy reading, learning, developing skills and helping other people develop theirs. My greatest accomplishment is being a father to my children and a loving companion to Ana Benzan.